Diaphragm walls (soft eye)

(Fiberglass reinforcement)

There are many construction techniques when it comes to tunnels, among which the cut and cover (open pit) or the more traditional bored tunnel methods. Out of these techniques, the one that makes use of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) is widely spread and supposes the construction of reinforced concrete launch box and extraction shaft.

Although well adapted to boring through concrete, the TBMs are not well-suited to work their way through a steel reinforced concrete structure because of the resilience of the steel. The presence of this kind of reinforcement will seriously hinder the work of the rotary cutters because of its ductility, absorbing the cutter’s energy and deforming instead of allowing them to fracture the concrete as they’re supposed to.

With the V•ROD Fiberglass Rebar of Pultrall

To work around these obstacles the diaphragm walls (Soft Eye), where the V•ROD fiberglass rebar will be used locally in the area where the tunnel-boring machine (TBM) will be going through the reinforced concrete wall, have been developed. The elastic to rupture behaviour of V•ROD fiberglass rebar allows the TBM to bore through the so reinforced concrete structure without presenting any more resistance than what would be experienced when boring through rock or unreinforced concrete.

The ultimate result, a reinforcement pattern that exhibits minor differences when compared to the steel version and a greatly improved work schedule since the demolition step needed with steel reinforcement is no longer required. In brief, using V•ROD fiberglass rebar will translate in significant savings.


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