Rock bolts and structures

(Fiberglass reinforcement)

Following a significant slowdown in 2009, the worldwide budgets for non-ferrous metals exploration have raised exponentially in 2010 and 2011 to reach an impressive 18.2 billion US dollars. Although the present and foreseen future of these investments is a little more moderate they nevertheless remain in growth.

With all these new projects, and particularly the ones in corrosive environments, the need for a concrete reinforcement solution for the structures as well as soil retention products increases greatly.

With the V•ROD Fiberglass Rebar of Pultrall

Pultrall is therefore offering to the mining industry and all its stakeholders the best suited solution to overcome the deterioration of these structures with a composite concrete reinforcement rod absolutely impervious to corrosion.

We also offer engineering and re-engineering services for your mining project in order to translate your steel-reinforced project to a reinforced V•ROD fiberglass rebar. Are also available, form ties and their accessories as well as soil retention products (rock bolts).

In addition to the important sums that the possible rehabilitation and replacement of your equipments and structures represent, health and safety of the workers should not be neglected as they are vital elements to mining or exploration sites smooth operations.

For all the above reasons, and much more, Pultrall should be your preferred partner in all your mining projects.


The Solution for Corrosion!

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