Civil engineering

Retaining walls

(Fiberglass reinforcement)

When it comes to salt mists, one of the most exposed concrete structures are definitely retaining walls, whether they be placed along roadways and splashed by passing vehicles or situated in a coastal environment.

The durability of these structures is often questioned and it is not unusual to see them reinforced with so-called corrosion resistant steel rebar. Among the other techniques used to extend the service life of these walls we can list the use of sacrificial anodes or cathodic protections as well as the addition of a corrosion inhibitor to the concrete mix or the application of a surface sealant.

With the V•ROD Fiberglass Rebar of Pultrall

Because of the above, these concrete elements represent a particularly well suited application for the V•ROD technology, which will not be influenced by the intrusion of chloride ions in the concrete matrix and therefore ensure a service life that will often times exceed the general and initial expectations. In addition, the V•ROD composite material concrete reinforcing rod being much lighter than steel, the installation work will be facilitated, no matter if it is done on-site or in a precast plant. In brief, durable structures at a more than reasonable cost are now more than ever possible.


The Solution for Corrosion!

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