Multi-storey parking garage, balconies and magnetic resonance imaging equipment rooms

(Fiberglass reinforcement)

The use of reinforced concrete in the construction of buildings is a universally recognized practice and a generally efficient one. There are however a few applications where steel reinforcement just doesn’t quite get the job done.

Among those situations, multi-storey parking garages are structures where the main cause of deterioration, if not the sole cause, is the corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Whether it is the result of the accumulation of chloride based de-icing salts or the geographic situation of open above-ground structures in coastal areas exposed to salty mists, the corrosion of the reinforcement in those buildings can have catastrophic consequences, ranging from losses in material goods to deadly outcomes, as recent events prove.

With the V•ROD Fiberglass Rebar of Pultrall

In order to overcome the growing ''curse '' that deteriorating parking structures represent, many solutions have been offered but these have only a limited effect on their own, unless they are somehow combined thus making the cost of construction or rehabilitation of such structures very prohibitive. The evident solution to such a problem is a concrete reinforcing rod that will simply not corrode at all and V•ROD, the composite material rebar, is exactly offering you this ultimate advantage at a more than competitive cost.

Another application where V•ROD stands out as an advantageous solution is balconies in apartment housing complexes. As a matter of fact, the insulating properties of the product will spare the expense of having to use thermal breaks to avoid bringing heat and/or cold inside the building and affecting the overall interior temperature, ultimately reducing the energy costs in heating/air-conditioning of these homes. In addition, used in combination with the steel reinforcement in the floor/ceiling slabs of the building, V•ROD bars will contribute to the continuity of the thermal protection envelope of the ensemble. Simplicity in the design and construction of the building, competitive cost and energy efficiency assured, these are only a few of the many advantages associated with the use of V•ROD in your multiplex apartment buildings.

Remaining in the building field, let’s talk about hospitals and other private healthcare centers that are equipped with magnetic resonance imaging equipment (MRI). These devices work with very powerful magnets that create an important magnetic field around themselves (2 000 to 20 000 times earth’s magnetic field). The use of conventional steel rebar (conductive) in the concrete floor slab and walls of the rooms where these pieces of equipment are located is therefore forbidden as it would interfere with the operation of such MRI machines. It should also be noted that conductive metal alloys will also have a tendency to heat up under the influence of these strong magnetic fields.

Although stainless steel has been the privileged reinforcement technology for concrete pads and walls in establishments with MRI equipment up to recent days, V•ROD composite material reinforcement bars now offer an unavoidable and most suitable alternative for these applications. These bars being much less expensive than stainless steel has evidently a lot to do with the success of this technology in MRI room projects.


The Solution for Corrosion!

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