Architectural/decorative concrete elements

(Fiberglass reinforcement)

In coastal areas as well as near roadways where de-icing salts are used in urban environments, it is most definitely not uncommon to witness the degradation of architectural/decorative concrete elements. Whether it is rust stains at the concrete’s surface or, at worst, the spalling of concrete chunks as a result of the corrosion of steel reinforcement, these situations are highly undesirable and likely associated with large sums of money in rehabilitation and repairs.

With the V•ROD Fiberglass Rebar of Pultrall

The V•ROD composite material concrete reinforcing rod is totally impervious to corrosion and will consequently help avoid the situations described above and protect your investments in decorative concrete pieces.

Fully aware of the nature of the architectural/decorative concrete market, Pultrall has developed a product especially adapted to these applications. These bars are actually white in color, a perfect match to the natural color of concrete. They also exhibit almost twice the tensile strength of steel, allowing them to be installed under a minimal concrete cover while providing an unequalled cracking control. In brief, these products offer you the very best quality over price ratio.


The Solution for Corrosion!

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