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Rattle Brooke Bridge - Newfoundland


Project Details:
After being severely damaged by Hurricane Igor in September 2010, the Rattle Brook Bridge was in need of a major rehabilitation, deck and barrier walls. The technology of reinforced concrete is facing a serious degradation problem in structures due to the corrosion of steel rebar. In North America, the repair costs are estimated to be close to 300 billion dollars. #4, #5, and #6 V-ROD HM fiberglass rebars were used in this project. A total of 6,000 meters of straight V-ROD was installed, including bars with anchoring heads. Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar has proven to be the solution. Lightweight, corrosion resistant, and offering excellent tensile strength and high mechanical performance, V•ROD fiberglass rebar is installed much like steel rebar, but with fewer handling and storage problems.

See the ''Project Report''
  • V-ROD Grade III used in the bridge deck
  • Rattle Brooke Bridge Damaged by Hurricane
  • V-ROD with anchor heads used in barrier walls