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O'Reilly's Bridge - Ontario


Project Details:
V-ROD fiberglass rebars Grade III (60GPa) HM bar used in bridge deck and parapet wall over precast box girders V-ROD fiberglass rebars with headed bars were used at ends of deck bar in lieu of bends. Bar in deck was mainly #5 (16m) while deck at pier also had #8 (25m) and #10 (32m). Parapet walls were all #5 (16m) also using headed bars. The overall length of the was 59m and 10.8m wide. This bridge is located in the Niagara region and was designed using fiberglass rebars by McCormick Rankin. Fabricator was Salit Steel.

See the ''Project Report''
  • Barrier Walls 1
  • Headed Bars 1
  • Headed Bars 2
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