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Quebec City Incinerator

Spring 2013

Project Details:
The presence of liquid leaching from the residual materials and deposited by the the many trucks that come and go on the unloading ramp have corroded the reinforcing steel of this slab and made it unusable over time. A rehabilitation of this concrete slab has therefore been undergone and V-ROD composite reinforcing bars have been chosen to reinforce it to overcome this situation and, at the same time, significantly improve the life expectancy of this infrastructure. The whole project represents an investment of $10.5 millions and the new slab by itself over $2.5 millions.

See the ''Project Report''
  • General view of the second portion of the slab where the reinforcement is being installed.
  • In addition to the rehabilitation of the unloading area, the project included the construction of a brand new access ramp.
  • Quebec City incinerator
  • V-ROD HM has been chosen for this job because of its improved mechanical properties.
  • V-ROD is much lighter than steel, which allows the workers to carry many more at a time.
  • First portion of the slab back in operation.
The work has been done in sequence in order to avoid disruptions to the incineretor's operations.