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Hawk Lake Bridge - Ontario


Project Details:
Pultrall manufactured V•ROD GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced polymer) reinforcement for the Hawk Lake Bridge rehab in the Thunder Bay region. V•ROD GFRP rebar was cast in precast concrete box girder deck slabs. Precast deck panels mainly used #5 (16m) and some #8 (25m) bar. V•ROD GFRP reinforcing was selected because of its noncorrosive properties, lightness, and durability. Utilizing GFRP composite bar in precast applications provides greater quality control and simpler and quicker installation on site.

See the ''Project Report''
  • Precast/prestressed beams ready to be shipped on site
  • Beam reinforcement prior to prestressing
  • Reinforcement pre-tied prior to concrete pouring in the precast plant