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Burnhamthorpe Bridge - Ontario


Project Details:
Pultrall manufactured V•ROD GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced polymer) reinforcement for complete barrier replacement on decks of Credit River (400m) and Mullet Creek (140m) bridges. A total of 540m V•ROD GFRP rebar was used in barriers, sidewalks, curbs, and tendon covers on existing bridge decks. Barrier wall bar, curbs, and sidewalks mainly used #5 (16m) and #4 (13m), while sidewalks also used some # #3 (10m), #6 (19m), and #8 (25m). Lightpole bases also used #5 bar. V•ROD non-corrosive, lightweight, and durable properties provide long-term durability and performance of structures for owners. These were the key factors in using GFRP, particularly in the splash zones.

See the ''Project Report''
  • Bars delivery on site
  • V-ROD used in barrier walls
  • V-ROD used in barrier walls
  • Cross-section showing the barrier wall reinforcement
  • Barrier walls fully constructed